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Greater Praise COGIC Ministries

Sunshine Band

Who are we? ~ The Sunshine Band is a children's ministry that encompasses ages up to 12 years old

Our Purpose: Our primary focus is to teach and save our children by keeping them involved in meaningful and wholesome activities. We also try to build a partnership between the home and the church to provide a spiritual foundation for each child0

                                   What we do: Through Bible Study, Arts and Crafts, Music, Drama and Field

                                   Trips, The Sunshine Band Teaches, Promotes & Builds our Youth

  Purity Department

The GPC Purity Department will perpetuate an equipping ministry of excellence to prepare our youth for ministry. Each and every member of our department will function as concerned, skilled, youth leaders to carry out the vision of this department, and enable our youth to live Godly and fulfilling lives.

Purity Department of GPC is a vibrant training auxiliary that exists to equip our youth with the necessary training to live a prosperous and victorious life in Jesus Christ. This charismatic department will design, develop, and implement programs and ministry opportunities that meet the spiritual needs of the youth of our church. Rallies, workshops, and pertinent seminars will be tools used to effectively teach our youth how to apply the Word of God in their lives

GPC Department of Women