Greater Praise Church of God In Christ

The Greater The Praise, The Greater The Blessing

Lady Markeitha Smith born in the year 1971, received her education in the Milwaukee Public
School system. It was there she met a man who spoke his position into her life, Pastor J.
Smith. The two wedded and brought forth three wonderful offspring. Together they began
their individual journeys to the kingdom in the year 1996. With humble beginnings, Lady
Smith took seat as a pupil in the school of biblical learnings where she was taught what it
meant to be a soldier for Christ. Through fasting and praying Lady Smith began to build the
foundation of her relationship with Christ. In time Lady Smith grew to be a flourishing
woman of God. With the graces of her pastor Lady Smith became an icon for the growing
youth. Lady Smith served as President of the local Sunshine Band where she loved and
taught the Children of the Kingdom to praise God with a Joyful Noise. Growing with them
she became their Purity Leader and continued to instill the ways of the righteous in them.
Her prayers and words of encouragement has never left the minds and hearts of the youth. In
the year 2014 Lady Smith became the First Lady of Greater Praise Church of God in Christ.
Her passion for people has kept her humble. She is a true believer of the power of
intercessory prayer and has the faith to believe that when man can’t God absolutely CAN.